What do Men want?

Men want three things from a woman. We want you to feed me, fuck me, and shut the fuck up. If we could get these 3 things we are great. You can guess which one of these causes the problems. Bingo!! The shut the fuck up part. What do women like to do more than anything? Correct again, because they love to talk. Soon as you want in the door they start talking. That’s where are the conflict begins. Sometimes us men just like to be left alone. That’s why we don’t mind going outside and mowing the lawn. We know we’ll be alone. From time to time just give us so quiet time. In conclusion women want everything and Men don’t want much. 


What do women want?

The simple answer to that question is everything. Women hate to admit it but they know it’s true. How many women do you know honestly that are just happy all the time? I guarantee you don’t know many. Why? Because women are never satisfied with what they got. They always want more. It explains why they have so many mood changes. I’m sure you’ll probably say it’s the hormones but I don’t buy it. It’s because you aren’t getting what you want when you want it. 

Women; when is the last time a man has told you  “No”? How did you react? I’m guessing you weren’t thrilled at all. Telling a woman no is something us men should never do. Women hate that word. Try to use other words and sentences to fill that void. Choose your words wisely though. Just don’t say “No”. 

If a woman doesn’t get what she wants from you then eventually she’ll find someone who will. That’s my view of most women. Not all, but most.  In he end she’ll still never be satisfied. If she’s given everything it still wouldn’t be enough. Women are the craziest creatures. 


Coupon Bundling !

Today I bought a $50 coupon bundle from a co worker. I think I got a pretty sweet deal. If I would have gotten these products straight out I’m probably look at over $100. What do you guys think?

Want to live a happy life? Just start saying “No”

Sometimes we have to start saying no in order to get what we want. I use to be the type of person who put everyone else’s happiness before mines. The “can you do this” and “can I borrow this” questions always were followed by a yes. So I was basically committing myself to their needs and wants leaving little time for what it was I wanted or needed. I was eager to make others life easier. The entire time I wasn’t realizing how much I was neglecting my own life. For about a decade I’ve succumbed to this. My entire adult life I’ve been putting others first. I call this the missed decade of my life. Now the determination and focus on turning everything around is strong. Realizing that the word “No” doesn’t have to be taking negatively or as mean, is the key to it all. Just saying no can lead to world of happiness. Since I’ve started this process I’ve definitely been living free and happy. We have to be selfish sometimes for our own sanity. Take sometime out of your day to do things for yourself. Go shopping or get a massage. Try cutting your phone off and go get lost in the city or your favorite place. Our phones are sometimes our biggest obstical in the process. It’s like we sit there waiting on someone to hit us up. Usually people only call or text you for something they want. So just cut your phone off so there want be any interference. Try these steps one weekend and see how it makes you feel. I would love to hear back on your experience. So feel free to comment!


When did Walmart become so expensive. I’m thinking about taking up couponing. 

Don’t we all long for the days when we would go to Walmart and expect to actually be saving money. Now you cringe ever time that last item is rung up and the total price appears. Take for instance my wife went to Walmart for groceries one day. She texted me telling me she spent $230.33. So when I got off work, to my surprise I opened the refrigerator and it was damn near half empty. So of course I ask well didn’t you go groceries shopping. She replied yes the receipt is on the counter. I took a look at that receipt and I was thinking to myself someone had got to be pulling my rug. Indeed she spent $230.33 on groceries but there really wasn’t much to show for it. So I mentioned to her maybe we should take up couponing. I know these women at work who loves it. They bring receipts in and they’ve only spent like $9 on $100 worth of items. I’m always amazed and usually don’t believe them. They bring the receipt to show me now. They have been teaching me on how to coupon so maybe I’ll catch on quick because things are cheap. 

Back to Walmart though. You guys should probably understand that the reason everyone fell in love with the store was because of the affordability factor. I feel that they letting the success of Amazon take away from what they are known for. It comes off now that they’re just another money hungry corporation.


I hate my job 

Today I walked into work thinking to myself, why do you keep doing this to yourself? I always reply back in my head because I need the money. I work 12 hours a day 5 days a week and 8 on Sunday night. Every bit of my job is physical. When I get home all I want to do is shower and get in the bed. I’m slowly letting my youth slip away from me. We work rotating shifts, so one week we work days and the next nights. It’s also a strain on my marriage and family. That’s one of the major reasons I’m looking for work elsewhere. I would love to be able to spend time with my family and be home every night. Management at my job seems to think that production is more important than family life. Not to me sir. I live for the day that I’ll be able to walk out of here and never come back. Not to mention I’m only making around $50,000 a year. Working all these hours for this amount of pay isn’t worth it at all. I fear if I don’t get away from here I’m gonna lose everything. My family and my sanity included. 


Dealing with Stress. Alcohol, Marijuana and Meditation edition

It’s so many things that I can attribute to my stressing it’s sad. Life itself is already hard enough that adding other small nagging factors only makes it worse. I haven’t yet found a proven method of managing my stress. When you’ve lived a hard life it’s almost impossible to be free within yourself. I haven’t even hit my 30s and I’ve already lost a good portion of hair. 

I’ve tried many methods to cope with my stress. I tried drowning myself with alcohol to blur out my feelings. Only problem is the alcohol only enhances the worst of my feelings. Alcohol is one  of the worst methods in my opinion. You tend to make the worst decisions when drinking. Which is really why I don’t understand how alcohol is legal and marijuana is not.

Which leads me to the next method. Smoking pot (marijuana) stimulates the brain in a much more thoughtful way. Unlike alcohol, marijuana doesn’t put you in your feelings, it penetrates your mind. Which isn’t a bad thing until you start to think about how you could have done things better or differently. Regret starts to weigh on you causing you to overthink and over analyze every past bad situation. Yet I’d rather be in this state of mind than the previous method. Still marijuana is illegal and alcohol is not. I’m so confused with that logic. 

The last method that I’ve tried is meditation. I really enjoyed meditating for the first two weeks. It was relaxing and calming. It brought piece and serenity into my life for those brief moments. Then a down pour of bad things started happening in my life. The stress got so bad that I needed an immediate release. Meditating wouldn’t help in this case because I needed release right then and there, and meditating requires time. So I eventually revered back to one of the previous methods. Stress kills!!!!!!!

Fidget Spinners 

As a young adult I’ve still not gotten how the little fidget spinners became so popular. I mean I get it but I don’t get it if that makes any sense. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the simplicity behind the idea and structure of the toy (or device) leaves me in awe. I’m so use to kids having and wanting these little fancy toys and devices. For example the iPad, iPod, tablets, smart devices and things of that nature have captivated this generation of kids. Now something that just spins around is the hottest thing out now. I’m proud in a way because it reminds me of how playing outside with a stick was the greatest thing ever when I was growing up. Don’t let me hype it up too much though, because this generation of kids still got there on little twist on it. That is I have kids that walk throughout the house with a fidget spinner in one hand and an iPad in the other. It’s said that these spinners provide greater concentration for people with conditions such as anxiety, autism and ADHD. Whatever the case may be I wonder if this is another fad or a trend. 

Floyd Vs. Conor – The Face-off

At first glance it would seem that Conor McGregor got the best of Floyd Mayweather in the battle of trash talking. McGregor was going on and on about how badly Floyd needed this fight in order to pay off his legal woes. Recent reports surfaced that Floyd may owe the IRS up to 22million dollars from his 2015 taxes. Conor was going in for the mental kill real early. He went from personal attacks to actual physical attacks on Mayweathers small body frame. It was typical Conor McGregor style. He did everything everyones been accustomed to seeing him doing. It was his usual performance. No one usually buys the act because it’s a bit over the top. Well it’s way over the top and just a bit too much for my personal preference. Conor had the upper hand right up until Mayweather pulled out a 100million dollar check that hadn’t been cashed. It completely silenced any doubters that he was having financial problems. The people that had been talking shit about him these past couple days had to eat that shit. I think this was Floyds plan from the beginning. Floyd is so good in manipulating the media. Strategically he drew first blood. Now he’s in McGregor’s head. This stunt proves to me that Floyd Mayweather is a mastermind in the cat and mouse game. He made McGregor look like a rookie. He proved that he may be a seasoned vet but with age comes wisdom. One thing about Floyd is that he knows how to sell a fight. Also he understands that the fight begins way before the first punch is thrown. Round one goes to Floyd Mayweather. McGregor better get serious real fast or he’s gonna end up looking like a damn fool. Dana White better get this guy some help because Floyd Mayweather is not to be played with.