Welcome to the GainzWorld blog. This blog was created to express my views on pretty much everything. I feel like I have an unique view and approach to life. I would like to share these views and approaches with the world. So here goes nothing.

Lets start the first post off in the realm of Politics. Ok America, what are we doing? Seriously Donald Trump? I understand the distrust in government aspect of choosing an outsider but come on this guy is way too much. How do we seriously expect this country to move forward in a positive way with this guy. I would go as far as saying it’s a joke but this shit is just scary. North Korea is on the verge on really starting their mission on taking America down and this asshole is on twitter talking about they are behaving badly. As if North Korea is a child in need of a spanking. At the same time our President is the child. He’s the spoiled brat that never had to struggle. Never knew what it felt like to be bad off. Yet he’s considered the voice of the forgotten man. We are better than this America.