Donald Trump as president has been a joke to me from day one. But today something has changed. His I don’t give a fuck attitude is growing on me day by day. The way he lies and just don’t care is amazing to me. Dude can tell a lie get caught up in that lie and tell another lie then before you can catch him up he switches the story. The man gets on twitter and just acts up. Donald Trump is slowly becoming one of my favorite people in the world. Honestly I would love to meet this guy now. My first blog was basically how he’s ruining this great country. Last night I has an epiphany. I was playing Grand Theft Auto V and really realized that this country has been in trouble for a while now. It didn’t start with Donald Trump. In fact we should have seen this coming a long time ago. I was thinking to myself as I was playing GTA 5, we actually let our kids play stuff like this. The music, the movies, and the games are really outrageous. Donald Trump is just a result of all this.

I’m starting to dig this Donald Trump guy. We are Americans. We do what the fuck we want. This is was Donald Trump brings to the table. It’s the attitude that attracts me to him. Congress if full of a bunch of shit heads that continuously play games with peoples lives. They can’t stand this man because he basically tells them that will sell their souls for a couple of dollars to keep their jobs. I never thought I would say that I’m with the Donald. It’s way to much bitching going on and not enough work. I live in Louisiana and the things thats currently playing in the mainstream media does nothing for the wellbeing of my life. And when we say mainstream media that should involve Fox News. I’m just saying