lol I can’t take ¬†credit for that nickname given to Don Jr. I have to give credit to Bill Maher for that one. Doughbag Von Fuckface was brilliant and I could have came up with anything better. Ok so on to the topic at hand. This story on Don Jr. meeting with Russian counterparts looking to exchange damaging emails about Clinton is just beginning. I can sense a domino effect of things to come. Although I did express my openness to Donald Trump in an early post, I never said anything about Don Jr. As far as I’m concerned this little shit head prick is getting exactly what he needs. The press is giving him a good old fashioned ass whoopin. And what does he keep on doing ‘lying’. Just like the typical silver spoon rich kid who finally gets his ass whooped and can’t handle it. I must say that I’m tuned in today. ¬†CNN is gonna be hell of messy today. They are going to eat this up. Feel free to comment. I love a healthy discussion