What do women want? Well the answer to that question is everything. Women want everything until they actually have it. That being said do women actually want a good guy? In my past experiences I say no. Sure, they imagine themselves having a good guy and could see themselves living one big happy life. Women have these fantasies of having this great guy that bends to her every needs. But all it is is a fantasy. 

Women usually end up feeling beneath a good man. As if they aren’t worthy to be with such a person. A woman can’t stand it when a man seems perfect. In my experience it bothers her and she needs to find some kind of control over the situation. This is when the trouble starts. She becomes more selfish and acts out more. She then starts to believe that something nefarious is going on. She starts to put all these thoughts in her head to make the guy seem like just another guy. Eventually she starts to lose respect for the guy, and because he’s such a good guy he sits back and let her blow off steam. This is when she has him where she wants him. 

When a woman has you where she wants you, as a man you are ruined. You start to overlook things and bite your tongue even when you know you shouldn’t just for the sake of argument. Mentally a man starts losing himself. A woman has so much control over breaking a good man down. I’ve been there and done that and found that eventually being a good guy only gets you fucked.