At first glance it would seem that Conor McGregor got the best of Floyd Mayweather in the battle of trash talking. McGregor was going on and on about how badly Floyd needed this fight in order to pay off his legal woes. Recent reports surfaced that Floyd may owe the IRS up to 22million dollars from his 2015 taxes. Conor was going in for the mental kill real early. He went from personal attacks to actual physical attacks on Mayweathers small body frame. It was typical Conor McGregor style. He did everything everyones been accustomed to seeing him doing. It was his usual performance. No one usually buys the act because it’s a bit over the top. Well it’s way over the top and just a bit too much for my personal preference. Conor had the upper hand right up until Mayweather pulled out a 100million dollar check that hadn’t been cashed. It completely silenced any doubters that he was having financial problems. The people that had been talking shit about him these past couple days had to eat that shit. I think this was Floyds plan from the beginning. Floyd is so good in manipulating the media. Strategically he drew first blood. Now he’s in McGregor’s head. This stunt proves to me that Floyd Mayweather is a mastermind in the cat and mouse game. He made McGregor look like a rookie. He proved that he may be a seasoned vet but with age comes wisdom. One thing about Floyd is that he knows how to sell a fight. Also he understands that the fight begins way before the first punch is thrown. Round one goes to Floyd Mayweather. McGregor better get serious real fast or he’s gonna end up looking like a damn fool. Dana White better get this guy some help because Floyd Mayweather is not to be played with.