Don’t we all long for the days when we would go to Walmart and expect to actually be saving money. Now you cringe ever time that last item is rung up and the total price appears. Take for instance my wife went to Walmart for groceries one day. She texted me telling me she spent $230.33. So when I got off work, to my surprise I opened the refrigerator and it was damn near half empty. So of course I ask well didn’t you go groceries shopping. She replied yes the receipt is on the counter. I took a look at that receipt and I was thinking to myself someone had got to be pulling my rug. Indeed she spent $230.33 on groceries but there really wasn’t much to show for it. So I mentioned to her maybe we should take up couponing. I know these women at work who loves it. They bring receipts in and they’ve only spent like $9 on $100 worth of items. I’m always amazed and usually don’t believe them. They bring the receipt to show me now. They have been teaching me on how to coupon so maybe I’ll catch on quick because things are cheap. 

Back to Walmart though. You guys should probably understand that the reason everyone fell in love with the store was because of the affordability factor. I feel that they letting the success of Amazon take away from what they are known for. It comes off now that they’re just another money hungry corporation.