Sometimes we have to start saying no in order to get what we want. I use to be the type of person who put everyone else’s happiness before mines. The “can you do this” and “can I borrow this” questions always were followed by a yes. So I was basically committing myself to their needs and wants leaving little time for what it was I wanted or needed. I was eager to make others life easier. The entire time I wasn’t realizing how much I was neglecting my own life. For about a decade I’ve succumbed to this. My entire adult life I’ve been putting others first. I call this the missed decade of my life. Now the determination and focus on turning everything around is strong. Realizing that the word “No” doesn’t have to be taking negatively or as mean, is the key to it all. Just saying no can lead to world of happiness. Since I’ve started this process I’ve definitely been living free and happy. We have to be selfish sometimes for our own sanity. Take sometime out of your day to do things for yourself. Go shopping or get a massage. Try cutting your phone off and go get lost in the city or your favorite place. Our phones are sometimes our biggest obstical in the process. It’s like we sit there waiting on someone to hit us up. Usually people only call or text you for something they want. So just cut your phone off so there want be any interference. Try these steps one weekend and see how it makes you feel. I would love to hear back on your experience. So feel free to comment!