The simple answer to that question is everything. Women hate to admit it but they know it’s true. How many women do you know honestly that are just happy all the time? I guarantee you don’t know many. Why? Because women are never satisfied with what they got. They always want more. It explains why they have so many mood changes. I’m sure you’ll probably say it’s the hormones but I don’t buy it. It’s because you aren’t getting what you want when you want it. 

Women; when is the last time a man has told you  “No”? How did you react? I’m guessing you weren’t thrilled at all. Telling a woman no is something us men should never do. Women hate that word. Try to use other words and sentences to fill that void. Choose your words wisely though. Just don’t say “No”. 

If a woman doesn’t get what she wants from you then eventually she’ll find someone who will. That’s my view of most women. Not all, but most.  In he end she’ll still never be satisfied. If she’s given everything it still wouldn’t be enough. Women are the craziest creatures.