Newly lamented White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci is exactly what the boss himself ordered. President Trump absolutely loves what he’s seeing out of Scaramucci. Today Mr. Scaramucci went after White House chief of staff Reince Preibus. Aren’t these two suppose to be on the same team? He accused Reince of being one of the White House leakers. He also went after the “Real President” Steve Bannon. It all seems so unreal but way too believable if that makes any sense. I honestly believe this is all President Trump and son and law Jared Kushners doing. They send this clown out to rip just about any and everybody apart for what the president believes as disloyalty. But I say this to you Mr. President, who are you loyal to? I’ve seen you throw just about everyone under the bus to save yourself. So how can you demand loyalty when you yourself don’t posses this quality either. Back to the topic at hand though. Anthony Scaramucci is a real slick talker. His name fits him to the “T”. I do admit “CNN’s Jake Tapper made him work for that new paycheck on the Sunday addition of State of the Union. What’s next from this White House? Will we be seeing Ivanka rolled in as the Vice President. It’s complete madness.