Every single day I get off work and I think to myself just how much I hate my job. I drive home the entire way drowning in sorrow, listening to music, imagining myself living the life the artist seems to be portraying. Soon as I exit my 2001 Buick lasabre reality checks back in. I put on my best happy face and walk in to my family. I never want them to see me down. I complain and beat myself up all day about how my choices have led me to such stagnation in life. I know I have the capabilities to achieve high levels of sucess but the motivation just hasn’t been there. Up until recently I’ve just been going through the motion. I’ve broken that cycle though. I’ve been trying new things and taking adventures. I’ve traveled a lot lately. My eyes have been opened to all the unlimited things my minds been taking me. I’m even starting the process of moving to a major metropolitan city. It’s been time for a change and now I’m acting on it. I guess you can say I’m bossing up. I’m becoming my own man. My dad died when I was  7. The whole man hood thing I’m still trying to figure it out. I’ve come along way on my own, but I sure wish I had my dad to lean on. At 28 years young I’m getting my stride. I feel like I’m ready for the world. The goal is to be my own boss. No one can tell you when or how to work. I think everyone should boss up in there own kind of way.