Why does it feel like we are about to enter into a war with North Korea. North Korea has been waiting on this very moment to show the world they are serious. They’ve been waiting on this very moment to put us , the USA and its allies, out of our miseries. Up until recently that seemed highly unlikely.  Recent events have caused us to have to take the regime serious. Their missile launch last week was deemed successful because of its capability to reach major US cities. You can say shit just got real. The regime now feels as if they are real players on the world stage. But I don’t think they feel that’s enough. They want to be able to say they took down the big bad wolf. Now things with Russia are starting to go on the wrong direction. Now more than ever we need to come together as Americans and be more vigilant than ever. I’m calling all us to be bigger than any small disagreement. We have major challenges ahead. So ask Mr. President, what are you planning to do?