You know what Miami Dolphins, you get exactly what you deserve. This guy Jay Cutler is only there for a check. He doesn’t care about winning games or a Super Bowl for that matter. He proved again yesterday at his press conference that he only cares about Jay Cutler. His answer to coming back to play in the NFL was “My wife pushed me into doing it”. You really can’t make this shit up. So let me get this straight. Y’all went out and got a player who was basically retired, done, and didn’t want to play anymore instead of getting an able bodied guy in Colin Kaepernick. See karma always come back around. I have yet to discuss this whole Colin Kaepernick situation but it’s coming real soon. I have a lot to say about that. Back to Jay Cutler though. You know who’s really just laughing it up right now, The New England Patriots. They are looking at another cake walk through the division. Did I mention that this guy also said he didn’t need to be in great cardio shape because he’s a quarterback. You know I like this guy now because he’s making my job a whole lot easier and interesting.