Clearly things are about to escalate between Bron and Kyrie. I can honestly see that things are getting to Lebron. He’s acting out in ways an ex would when they’ve been broken up with. I just have one thought on this. Lebron just say what you need to say. Stop hiding behind the subliminals. You want to be respected like a man, well here’s your chance. Post exactly how you feel. Call Kyrie out for exactly what you think of him. Man up bro. It’s so unbecoming of your greatness. None of this is great big dog. It makes you look small. Kyrie not even acknowledging you. You look like a drama queen getting served. Either you need to check this guy or move on. Because from where I’m sitting Kyrie winning. It’s time to let that image first persona go because everyone is starting to disrespect you. Pick ya nuts back up.