I know your thinking wtf right? Well I ask you to think a little deeper. When Glenn Beck first made a similar statement everyone was up in arms. Now that I really think about it, he may have been on to something. They way Glenn Beck was explaining had some racist element to it though. Both Tiger Woods and OJ

both are very fund of the white culture. OJ wanted nothing to do with black people once he made it. Tiger never really had to have anything to do with black people. You’ve never heard either one of the two speak up for African-Americans. When there’s something going on in the country that involves race related matters, these two never care. They never wanted to tarnish their standing with white Americans. They got so big and famous that they forgot the rules still applied to them. Once their careers starts dwindling, those same people who admired them turned on them. Then quests who they wanted to support them. They wanted those same African Americans who they turned their backs on to bail them out. When the pressure got turned up on them, they wanted those same black people to be on their side. Well when where they ever on our side? I have no sympathy for either one of the two. As far as Tiger goes, I think he’s done. Mentally this dude just isn’t there. I guess now they will be competing to see who can get the most mug shots.