Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson just lost a lot of respect from many people. His comments today were so unbelievably ignorant. He said

“he hopes the things going on in the world get ironed out. I had to play it back twice to see if that’s what he really said. I’m with Shannon Sharp on this one. I’m done with you Hue Jackson sir. I understand that your job is on the hot seat already and you don’t want to start the season off rocking the boat, but sir this ain’t the way. There where many people who came before you and fought for you to even have a chance to become a head coach. Disappointment isn’t a sting enough word in this case. This man even went as far as trying to suppress his own players feelings on the situation at hand. He doesn’t want his players protesting. At some point you have to understand that football is just a game. We are in trying times as a nation and as a people and for you not to understand that this is bigger than football is astonishing.