In another crazy turn of events, Steve Bannon could be on his way out the White House.

It probably want happen though. As much as Donald Trump would love to get rid of him, he knows he can’t. Now the reason the president doesn’t like him is that Mr. Bannon is sometimes called the actual president. People tend to think that Donald Trump is Mr. Bannon’s puppet. The Republican Party insiders however; think he’s just dangerous. Dangerous is they key word here. President Trump is afraid to fire him because he knows how dangerous Bannon could be. See Bannon knows all the dirt and he isn’t afraid to use it. Unlike Reince and Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon has no integrity. Although Reince and Spicer has little themselves, Bannon could careless about stuff like that. He wants the current system out. He basically wants the government to fall, which would mean chaos. Getting the President impeached would certainly help achieve this goal. It would split our country up in a way that would resemble times during the civil war. The Republican Party knows this. They are trying to walk that fine line so that they don’t damage their party out of existence. Steve Bannon will bring this country down if he is allowed to. Everyday is like where walking on egg shells with these guys in the White House. It wasn’t suppose to be this bad was it? Some how I feel that Steve Bannon is getting exactly what he wanted. He knows he has control of the Presidency and this country.