Everyone had there own style of parenting. Whose to say which way is right or who’s doing it better. One things for sure though. You can always tell who’s parenting skills just suck by how their child acts. 

You may be a bad parent if…….

1. Your child calls you by your first name

2. You go to the club on a school night

3. Your child actually wakes you up for school 

4. Your child has the 20 piece McNugget from McDonalds more than 2x a week

5. Your child keeps walking in on you having sex(get a lock) 

6. You order take out but only for yourself

7. You love to purchase new things for yourself but cringe when you have to for your child

8. You attend less than 60% of your child’s school functions

9. You don’t know who your child’s friends are

10. If you’ve never read to your child

You’ve got to do better if any of these are occur in your parenting.