Just hours after Steve Bannon was ousted as White House Chief Strategist, he immediately signed on as Breitbart Executive Chairman. There are many ways to look at this.

He could go back to Breitbart and be an advocate and supporter of President Trump. His words following his firing seem to make you think other wise. He noted that the presidency that they fought hard for was now gone. Reports are starting to surface that has Bannon mentioning that the White House is not run by a Democrat. Which actually wouldn’t be a far stretch since Trump was actually a Democrat before he became a republican. He seemed to be taking aim at President Trump himself. Another thing to note is that Bannon was at odds with Jared Kushner who is Donald Trumps son-in-law. So how does that play over if Bannon goes after Kushner. Do you actually think Trump does nothing and let it play out? I’d guess that Trump is going to stand up for his family. So where does that leave everything? We are now looking at what could possibly be the beginning of something nasty.