Immediately after Bannon’s resignation(firing) he resumed his post at Breitbart News. He vowed to take on those that opposed the agenda he fought so hard for. The man he thought could best implement this agenda turned out to be nothing but a fraud. Bannon now realizes that he fell for the presidents act. He thought he was actually pulling the presidents strings. President Trump used Steve Bannon until he had no more use for him, then threw him out like he was nothing. The question now is what will Bannon do? Looks like he’s going to fight tooth and nail to regain his pride. Breitbart News came out swinging at the White House this week. Headline after Headline have been negative towards the president and his team. They are now writing all negative articles meant to make President Trump look bad. Steve Bannon is acting like woman scarned. Things will only get worse from here. Bannon is going to make sure he brings this administration down my any means necessary. Although I’m a liberal leaning democrat, I don’t want to see our country go down because one man feels scarned.