First things first; you have to ask yourself if this is what you really want. Once you determine deep down that you want your relationship to last then you have to start taking action. Maintaining relationships are hard work. It takes a lot time, effort, and understanding. It takes two people being *NSYNC with one another. Your vibes have to almost always match. What you don’t need is a third party intervening. This is where most relationships go wrong. Once you include people in your business or relationship things always go wrong. You have to let your so called “friends” go. Believe me, your relationship will suffer until this is done. Your significant other should be your only fiend. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that there’s no such thing as a friend. So when you say that’s your best friend, you should probably be running for the hills. Friends will ruin your relationship. I’ve experienced this many times until I finally realized. Why do we have friends anyway? Other than to just hang out right. Once your in a relationship hanging out should be ruled out. So now there’s no need to have friends. The so called friends only want you to be happy when it benefits them. Take my advice if you want your relationship to thrive drop your so called friends. All there doing is holding you back