Mr. Joel Osteen has recently come under fire for allegedly not opening up the doors to his mega church to residents fleeing Hurricane Harvey. The church could hold around 16,000 people. Social Media erupted once it got wind to this news. Joel Osteen denies these reports, but it leads us to an even bigger problem. Why the downfall of religion could possibly be blamed on the idea surrounding mega churches. Every year more and more people become less religious. People are becoming turned off by the idea of the church cashing in off its people. Joel Osteen is estimated to be worth around $50million. You might be wondering; why and how does a pastor make this much money. Well the answer is simple. He basically uses Jesus Christ as prostitue to line his own pockets. Here you have true believers in Jesus Christ giving money to what they believe is a cause worth giving. They believe they should pay their tithes to the church and give offering. What’s been happing over time is that the church’s senior leadership has been cashing out. They have turned religion into a profit making institution that don’t have to pay taxes.