Alot of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. You’d actually be suprised how many young men are starting to have this problem. It’s an embarassing feeling when your stuck there with your partner and can’t get it up. Believe me I know the feeling. Leading factors are stress, exhaustion, emotional, intimidation and fear to name a few. So I’ve been doing small case studies on myself. I noticed a couple years ago that when I would drink a powerade before having sex i had the hardest erection. When I didn’t drink a powerade it was iffy at best. Then i really got to thinking; could it be that i’ve burnt so much energy throughout the day that when it was time to perform later that night I was just to tired. As I drunk the powerade it refueled my body with the nutrients and electrolytes that you can’t get from drinking water. Which brings me to the second drink that is guaranteed to give you a hard erection. “Smart Water” Yes smart water is another drink that will give you that hard erection. Smart Water provides your body with those nutrients and electrolytes as well. True story I’m about to tell you. I have this co-worker whom is 57years of age. He uses viagra. Long story short he started drinking smart water and now he no longer uses viagra. Miracles do happen, but this one actually makes sense. So the 2 drinks guaranteed to give you the hardest erections are “POWERADE AND SMARTWATER”. I would recomment drinking one or the other 30minutes prior to having sex. Try it out and see for your self. If you’ve had these experiences comment below.