Okay, I get it Hillary. Your still upset at how things played out in the election. Your upset Donald Trump is the president. Also that The republicans have control of the entire government. You believe Bernie Sanders helped get Donald Trump elected. You may be right, him along with the Jill Stines of the world. Your angry at how then FBI director screwed you. Hell id be angry too. You see but here’s the problem. How about you should have expressed this anger as all this was happening. You tried to do it the politician way. Well you suck a being a politician so that route made no sense. With all that happen during the campaign you still should have and could have won. Your campaign failed you. You lost in the places where you didn’t show up. You should blame this on your campaign. Now your out here writing a book after the fact. Well it’s too late for that. We all know what happened in the first day. We all watched it unfold. Im a democrat. I voted for you. But for the love of god could you please shut the hell up.