Reporters have been very busy covering the Trump Whitehouse. Their latest endeavor to expose Donald Trump has shown light on his inaugural concert. Trumps inaugural committee took in $107 million. The Associated Press picked up on the thread over the weekend, shining a light on an increasingly interesting mystery.

President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee raised an unprecendented $107 million for a ceremony that officials promised would be “workmanlike,” and the committee pledged to give leftover funds to charity. Nearly eight months later, the group has helped pay for redecorating at the White House and the vice president’s residence in Washington. 

But nothing has yet gone to charity.

What is left from the massive fundraising is a mystery, clouded by messy and, at times, budget-busting management of a private fund that requires little public disclosure.

The AP’s discovery that Trump’s committee spent $25 million on a pre-inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Compared to Barack Obama’s pre-inaugural concert which cost one fifth as much, with far more star power.

As for the left over money going to charity, nothing has gone to charity.

From the Associated Press piece:

Leaders of previous inaugurations expressed surprise at the slow timeline. They say they had a general handle on their finances – and had already started giving money away – within three months of Inauguration Day, though formally closing down the committees took many months longer. 

“The thing about inaugural expenses, they’re not complicated,” said Steve Kerrigan, head of President Barack Obama’s 2013 inaugural committee. “You take money in, you pay it out, and then you know what you’re left with when it’s done.”

What is it with these guys. They are always hiding something.