So it appears funny man Kevin Hart may not be laughing for a long time. After rumors surfaced about an alleged sex tape involving him, Kevin has found himself in quite a pickle. It started when a young woman contacted Kevin’s camp with a video allegeldy showing Kevin in a lets say negative light. She then starts making cash demends. Some say she asked for up to 8 figures. Kevin refused to pay. So here we are now. Kevin got the FBI involved in the extortion plot. The FBI is currently investigating this case. In the meantime since Kevin didn’t play ball the “alleged” video has now surfaced. Below is a clip of this “alleged” video.

Since the video has been released, Kevin has released a video of him basically aplogizing to his new wife on instagram to the world. Here is the clip of that apology.

Kevin’s image is taking a hit. He’s done everything so right, just to make a mistake that could ruin it all. Nobody’s saying that he’s just a darling angel. I’m just saying usually he’s the smart one. He usually makes better decisions. Now he just looks like a typical lying ass black man. To make it worse, it’s now being reported that Kevin’s recent trip to help out Hurricane Irma victims was just a PR move to get out in front of the story. That’s the thing that most people will look at and roll their eyes.