Donald Trump has one thing figured out perfectly. It’s how to be a con-artist. Donald Trump has pulled off one the greatest cons in American History. There’s a reason Donald Trump became a Republican. He figured it would be the only way he could have a chance at winning. He knew right off the rip that if he ran for anything under the Democratic banner, he would be considered a joke. Democrats already knew who he was. Democrats knew he was a scam artist, a con man, and a nutcase that would do anything for fame. Running as A Democrat just wasn’t an option. At the time when racial tensions where at high levels under Barack Obama, whom just so happened to be a black man, Donald Trump swooped right in to become the savior of the white race that felt left behind. He preyed on that feeling, which gave him an opening to become an essential populist figure in politics.

During the Republican primarys he placed blame on the establishment Republican for letting “those” people take over. Then came the slogans “Take Our Country Back”, and  “Make America Great Again.” Well, who are they taking the country back from? What period are they referring to as great? These were essentially dog whistles that he knew the people wanted to hear. The crowds he were talking to wanted to hear these exact things. These were the feelings that they felt. They started to believe that Donald Trump was one of them. He had them hooked. He rode that wave all the way through the Republican Primary’s. None of those republicans stood a chance because the narrative was to potent they couldn’t shake it.

Fast forward to today. Donald Trump would never hang out with the likes of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan unless he needed them. He’s a New Yorker, so he doesn’t understand the rural ness appeal of the republican leaders. His deal making with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is what he’s all about. He’d rather hang out with the Democratic leaders because he gets them. You either represent two identities in this country. Those two identities are city life and country life. Chuck, Nancy and Donald represent city life. They don’t get country life. What Donald Trump got is that the democrats forgot about country life as if to the democratic party they didn’t exist. The good country folk felt like they didn’t matter anymore. Donald seized on this very opportunity.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about the good country folk he claims to love. Hell, he doesn’t even get them. What he does care about is winning. Winning to him his making more money. He makes his money off selling people what they want to hear. He’s a money grabber and a con-artist. This is who he is. So for the people that are still waiting for him to deliver coal mining jobs, the border wall, stopping jobs from going overseas, middle class prosperity: Keep Waiting.