After last night’s game  between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, in which fans where asked to lock arms and join together to show a display of unity, it appeared that most fans didn’t join in. somewhere screaming “just put your hand on your heart,” while others were screaming out profanity towards the teams. Clearly they did not want to join arms in support of equality in America. Even though the black players felt a certain way, it would have went a long way to show them that they care, the fans basically let them know, were only here to see you play football. Black athletes in America should realize that all you are, to most of White America, is a show. 70% of the NFL’s players are African-American. A statement should be made at this point. The statement should tell America and the NFL Owners that we want sit back any longer and let our actions be silent. It’s one thing to talk the talk, but now it’s time to start walking the walk. The players, and all Black Athletes, need to take a stand now. This is the time to do it. You have the entire worlds attention at this point in time. Don’t let this moment go to waste.

The message that Colin Kaepernick put his career on the line for has become lost because our president has decided to make this a dividing issue for political reason. The country is so racially divided that everyone is almost forced to choose a side. President Trump made this an issue solely on the fact that his administration has failed so far. The republican party has failed three times to repeal Obamacare, something they campaigned on over and over. Trump is embroiled in the russia scandal as well. He decided to pick a fight with the NFL because he knew the divide would cause an uproar. The players can’t let this man side track the original message.

Will the black athletes do something they haven’t been willing to do? Will they “sacrifice” or “take the money.” Taking the money is what would be considered selling out. So black athletes will you “sacrifice” or sell out”. It comes down to the money. Maybe the black players see how Colin Kaepernick’s sacrifice cost him his career, and it makes them weary of the same. But it is now that you choose to either continue on with the fight, or you should bow down and take allegiance to the National Anthem. It’s that simple.

Colin Kapernick’s original message was in order to love one’s country, your country should love you back.