Sure Cardi B has the #1 song on the top 100 Billboard chart, but what else has she done. Her song bodak yellow, which is mediocre  at best, is pretty much it. I believe people want to see Nicki Minaj fall so badly that they’re willing to crown anyone other than her. A couple months ago it was Remy Ma. BET even gave the best female rapper award to Remy. No offense to either Remy or Cardi but it’s really not even close. Nicki has rubbed a lot of people in the industry the wrong way. Take for instance Charlamagne the God, who recently crowned Cardi B the “Queen” of hip hop. It wouldn’t matter which female artist was coming for Nicki, Charlamagne would choose the other. Maybe because Nicki doesn’t do the Breakfast Club. It was the same dynamic with Drake. Everybody needs to stop with he madness. People need to leave their personal opinions of an artist out the equation. Let’s judge these artist by their actual talent. I’m sorry guys but Cardi B is no Nicki Minaj. Lyrically this don’t even make any sense. Azaelia Banks made an interesting point about this topic. She basically makes the claim that Cardi wouldn’t be as popular if she were a Black Girl. In another words the fact that she’s Latin has brought in the whole Latin crowd. It makes sense. So lets just stop. Cardi B is Mediocre at best.