Since Carbi B grabbed the number #1 spot on top the Billboard 100, everyone’s been crowning her the next big thing. The confusing part of it all is her talent is subpar. She’s a decent rapper. Her appeal is her authenticity. She’s likeable.

 Cardi B is kind of like Donald Trump in a sense. Everyone wants to believe in someone they can relate too. Someone that talks like them, and acts like them. Everyone’s tired of the people who acts like they’re everything. The elites of the world running the show is something they want to see diminished. Cardi B is musics Donald Trump. It’s a rebellion against the status quo. The people want someone who’s on their level. 

The sad part of this entire charade is she doesn’t have the talent to back any of this up. You guys are building her up so high, that when she falls, and she will fall, it’s going to be epic.