• Goal

Goal- the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

Setting goals is an intricate part in achieving success. We set goals in order to set a cleaner path to obtaining success as we see it. Without having goals we merely wonder around aimlessly hoping and praying we reach a suitable destination. It’s kind of like that college student who earns a degree in general studies. They could never decide what they wanted to do in life, so majoring in General Studies seemed like the best route to take. Once they got out in the real world they soon realized that most good paying jobs are tailored to specific educational training. 

Coming out of high school I wasn’t sure of anything. I changed my mayor in college four times before eventually dropping out. I started off in engineering then, General studies, business administration, and finally music production. During my tenure in music production I learned the importance of goal setting. The instructor had us write three goals we wanted to achieve.

My goals

1. Become a top 10 music producer

2. Win 3 Grammy’s 

3. Buy a Bentley coupe with my earnings

All Before the age of 30

I haven’t reached either of those goals, but not by lack of trying. I still have time since I haven’t quite reached that age threshold. Having a sense of direction is what goals are all about. 
So I challenge you to think about what you want out of life. Write down three goals that will help you achieve this. Then write down the necessary steps needing to reach your goals.