The financial papers were leaked on Nov. 5, and detail the types of offshore funds that the wealthy (ranging from politicians to movie stars) allegedly used to conceal their fortunes. The accounts are “not necessarily illegal, though when they are used by the same people who set those tax rates, it tends to raise eyebrows,” according to The Washington Post.

Madonna, 59, was listed as being a shareholder in a medical supply company based in Bermuda. The company was registered in 1997 but closed in 2013. Forbes estimated that the “Material Girl” singer was worth an estimated $550 million in 2016.

Meanwhile, Bono, 57, was listed as “using a company based in Malta to pay for a share in a shopping centre in a small town” in Lithuania in 2007, according to The Guardian. He frequents Forbes’ list of the world’s highest paid musicians.

Knightley, 32, was also listed in the papers after she invested in a New Jersey based real estate firm. OK! Magazine reported in 2014 that the actress was worth $50 million.

Queen Elizabeth was listed in the Paradise Papers as well, although it was noted that she was not personally involved in any of the investments.