Unbelievable!!!!!!!! I am in shock. The Patriots defeat the Steelers 27-24 in what most would consider suspicious at best. The Patriots always seem to get the calls. With 28 seconds left on the clock the Steelers seemed to have pulled it off with the Jesse James touchdown that was eventually ruled incomplete.

The officials know just how to ruin a football game. The NFL wonders why each year they loose viewers. Well this is exactly the reason why. The Patriots always and I mean always leave doubt of fairness and suspicions in these sorts of games. For the first time the Patriots needed every break to beat the Steelers. Antonio Brown went down early in the game and never returned. Burns drops a potential interception from Brady and the Officials take a touchdown pass away from the Steelers at the end. The NFL is loosing its grip on viewership because of these very reasons.

The perception is that the NFL will find anyway to make sure Golden Boy “Tom Brady” and the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl.