Cardi B and Offset were the couple of 2017 . . . but they’re having a ROCKY start to 2018. That’s because an anonymous person just “leaked” a sextape between Offset and a random THOT.

It’s not clear who leaked it – or why they did so. Some are even speculating online that it could have been leaked for “publicity.”

Whatever the case, it’s the latest in a series of BUMPS in Cardi B’s love life. Two weeks ago, Cardi went on stage (after another sextape leak) – and BLASTED Offset for cheating.

According to Cardi then – if Offset cheats again, they’re over.

So far NO RESPONSE from Cardi and her man . . .

The videos were just posted on Twitter last night.

Here’s the first ALLEGED video

Here’s the second ALLEGED video