Ever wish your life was different? Are you unhappy with the life your living? Do you feel that this isn’t the life that you chose but was given? You ever say to yourself, well if it wasn’t for this or that I would be living the life I want? Or, maybe if I wouldn’t have met this person I would be happy. If you can relate to many of these you just might be BETA.

What is a Beta Male?

A beta male is someone who is considered secondary in society. Secondary to the more dominant Alpha makes. A beta male is someone who is perceived as weak and easily taken advantage of. Personally speaking I’ve been that guy and it’s nothing lovely about being that guy.

Characteristics of a Beta Male #1

Too nice

Have you ever been told by a girl or woman that you were really nice and sweet? In other words she was essentially calling you a bitch; which is actually ironic because it’s the term most women are characterized as when they are perceived to be acting in a whiny way. Nonetheless this is how she see’s you.

Beta males are viewed as the so called “nice guys”. A beta male will go out his way to make someone happy. He’s always looking for approval so he doesn’t do or say things that’ll potentially offend anyone. He just wants to be liked and hates for people to dislike him. This guy almost always ends up in the dreaded friend zone.

A Beta Male is loyal, friendly and makes for a great husband or father. He will lack in key areas though which often breaks relationships down. Sexually, he want be the pariah that most women want. He’s way to gentle and caring to a woman’s body during sex that he doesn’t give her what she wants but what he thinks she need. He thinks she needs love during this time when all she wants it’s to be taken advantage of sexually. So she ends up often playing the dominant role; which in time she will lose respect for him.

So my advice to you is to simply say fuck this Mr. Nice Guy stuff. A person will take advantage of you if you let them. The crazy thing is we usually know when we’re being taken advantage of but want say anything in fear of losing that person. Don’t be afraid to lose someone, because if you are the you’ve already lost them my friend.